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The Mound City Bar Foundation is committed to providing support for minority pre-law students by offering financial support through scholarships.  The Foundation provides leadership that fosters diversity in the legal profession while continuing to develop a diverse group of talented legal professionals that are critically important to the success of every law firm, corporate or government law department, law school, public service organization and every other organization that includes lawyers. The Foundation nurtures a sense of responsibility on the part of the membership, both personally and professionally, to ensure justice for all.

Together we can make a life changing impact that can
help define their future, so they can then change the world!

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The Mound City Bar Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that is the charitable arm to the Mound City Bar Association, the oldest Black Bar Association west of the Mississippi.  The mission of the Mound City Bar Foundation is to work collaboratively with the Mound City Bar Association to advance the professional development of our members; to improve the administration of justice; to uphold the honor of the legal profession; to improve diversity by offering scholarships to disadvantaged law students and assistance to members; and to provide service to the community.

Our Mission
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We Need Your Support Today!

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